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Directorio Latino

Directorio Lation is eastern Nebraska and western Iowa’s only Spanish language business phone directory and community guide. This directory provides Spanish speaking residents important information that is not available anywhere else in Spanish.

Community Resource

The White Pages provide resource information. Government agency phone numbers, information about the cities and a copy of the immigration test are just part of the content. You’ll also find directions for how to establish utility services, get a drivers license, enroll your children into school, perform CPR, recognize the signs of diabetes and find a park or swimming pool. These are but a few of the resources available in Directorio Latino.

Business Directory

When Grocery Stores are Abarottes, Bakeries are Panaderias and Real Estate Agents are Inmobilarias the English language phone directories and Google are not very helpful. The Yellow Pages in Directorio Latino provide thousands of businesses listings in hundreds of the most frequently used consumer categories.


Some noteworthy statistics…

1)  Purchasing Power

The U.S. is the fourth-largest Spanish speaking country in the world and spend $1.6 billion in Nebraska.

2)  Fastest Growing Demographic

Between 2005 and 2014, the Latino population growth rate was more than five times that of the overall population growth in Nebraska. (55% vs. 10%).

3)  The Future

According to Omaha Public Schools, Latino students became the largest ethnic group in 2013. At that time, Latino students were 32% of the OPS population, from 27.5% in 12th grade (14.9% in 2006, almost doubled in 6 years) to 35.8% in kindergarten (26.4% in 2006).

4)  The Importance of Spanish Marketing

With 42% of Latinos still being foreign-born — almost entirely adults – about 3 out of 4 Omaha Latinos speak Spanish at home.

English phone books and Google are useless for local listings if your primary language is Spanish.

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